Travel Policy:
Travel fee added if outside of radius.

Cancellation policy:
We understand life happens, therefore, we require a 72 hour notice of event cancellation. If canceled within the 72 hours, we will work to reschedule your picnic event for a different day or offer a full refund. If cancelled within 48 hours, we will refund 50% of your total or reschedule. for a different day. If cancelled within the 24 hours, we will refund 25% of your total or reschedule for a different day. No notice of cancellation is subject to no refund.

All services require a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, which is applied towards your total and reserves your date/time. The remaining balance is due 7 days before your event.

Inclement weather:
In the event it rains or we have inclement weather, we will reschedule for another day. We try our best to check the weather forecast for you the day of the picnic to ensure everything is perfect for your setting. If the event needs to be rescheduled, we will try our best to schedule you within the next two weeks or when it's convenient for you.

Unfortunately, we do not provide alcohol. However, we welcome you to BYOB if your location allows it. Alcohol is not allowed in all locations. If alcohol is prohibited, we are not responsible for any fines/tickets issued in violation of site rules.

Event Site:
We are currently serving Maryland and Virginia. If you have a location outside of the area, we require a mileage fee of $1 per mile that will be added to your invoice.

Arriving on time:
Your picnic starts at the scheduled time you selected during booking. We give a 15 minute grace period. Please give us a call if you will be arriving more than 15 minutes late.

*Please note, If you want to leave before your 2 hour block is finished, we ask that you call or text us. This will ensure our items are not left unattended. You are responsible for any stolen/damaged items during your two hour time window.

Petals and Bloom Events Items:
All items belong to Petals and Bloom Events and should be left as you found it. All purchased food or flowers are yours to bring with you. Petals and Bloom Events has the right to charge for any missing or damaged products.

What if I damage the setup?
If there is irreparable damage to our equipment, the contact for the picnic will be notified and the credit card on file will be charged.